WoD Alpha — новые модели дренеев, людей, эльфиек и отрекшихся

WoD Alpha - новые модели дренеев, людей, эльфиек и отрекшихся
В новом билде, который был установлен на альфа версию Warlords of Drenor появились новые модели персонажей. В билде были добавлены следующие модели: модель людей, дренеев, ночных эльфов и отрекшихся. Стоит отметить, что данные модели ещё далеки от идеала и к официальному анонсу могут быть сильно изменены.
Цитата сотрудников Близзард

Welcome to another Artcraft! I’m Chris Robinson, art director on WoW, and today we’re keeping it short and sweet with a reveal of the updated male Human model. As with the previous model redesigns, our goal here was to honor the silhouette and style of the original, while increasing fidelity and fixing some of the big issues we’d identified. The male Human has long been a source of criticism from some of you for his odd proportions and face geometry. We’ve taken great care to ensure we’re not changing so much that he looks completely unlike anything you’d expect, while also correcting some of the more glaring problems. We hope you enjoy the results!


On a slightly separate topic: I wanted to give you a quick heads up that we’re expecting some in-progress models to be hitting the Warlords of Draenor alpha test soon. While these will give you an early look at some of the models, please be aware that they aren’t finished yet. We’ll be presenting final high-quality model captures in future Artcrafts, so stay tuned!


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